You can add your employees in two ways!

How to add an employee in the TrackTime24?

First method:
Go to the Team view and click on the Add teammate in the upper right bar.

Second method:
You can use import feature. Just click on the import button, select From .xsl file and Download template.

Activating the employee's account
After assigning an e-mail address in the employee's card, the system will automatically send an invitation to use the system.

What's next?
Employee will receive an activation link from TrackTime24.
Employee's task is to click on the activation link (token), confirm their data and define a password.
From now on, employee account login is assigned an e-mail address.
Depending on the Role assigned, the employee will be able to log in to the website and use the functionality of the TrackTime24 web version and the mobile application TrackTime24 - Staff Scheduling/TrackTime24 Scheduling, Time Tracking & Time Offs.

Unused invitation will expire 7 days after being sent.

If the employee did not manage to activate the account within that time, the invitation should be sent again.

Send an invitation

To resend an invitation 📨
Administrator or another authorized person, should go to the Team view, in the Status column, click the button to resend the invitation.

⚠ If the button is not available?
Then it means that the employee has logged in correctly to the account once. In such a situation, if he does not remember the login password, he should use the Forgotten password when logging in.

Invalid token
If you receive such a message, please follow this article: Invalid token

The message about the taken e-mail address proves that someone has already used this address to register an account in TrackTime24. In this case, the person should send a request to delete an incorrectly created account from his (occupied) address to the address After receiving the confirmation e-mail (up to 72 hours on business days), you will be able to use the address again.

Basic information

Recommended photo have to has 500x500 pixels, maximum size of the file is 2MB.

Personal data
Name and surname are the required data to let your employees starting registration by using QR cards. You can also give them access to the TrackTime24. Just enter the e-mail address. Employee will receive an activation message.

An employee with an assigned e-mail address in the card will receive an activation link. Thanks to this, he will be able to define a password to account and log in to TrackTime24 with an employee's account with permissions to read own data and leave requests.

A Tag is a designation of the group to which the employee belongs. Additionally, by defining a Tag, you can quickly decide on the basic functions that employees will have access to. You can also assign multiple Tags to one employee.

Default position
If we want the position displayed in the shifts on Calendar to be the default for a given user, it is enough to select the appropriate position in this field.

A role is otherwise a permission.

Advanced mode
It allows you to define additional data such as:
Employee ID - Mostly used by external Payroll systems,
Workday duration,
Time offs limits - Here we define the remaining number of vacation days for the given year. The system offers the possibility of setting limits for PTO for a given user. After completing this data, the system will not allow you to submit an application after exceeding the limit of days. Additionally, the employee will see how many days he has left in the mobile application and in the Requests view,
Custom requests limits,
Pay details (regular and overtime),
Address details,
Private note - visible only to managers and administrators,
Advanced details (permission).
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